Janice Brown,

Servus CU

I liked your honest and unbiased feedback with processors and how to be more efficient with your portfolio.

Todd, DuPaco Credit Union
Ondine holds a very special place at our credit union. We have used her services on numerous occasions and I can unequivocally say that our card performance and our card costs would not be what they are today without her guidance and insights This is a very easy referral for me because I personally have witnessed first had the value the strength of what Ondine brings to the table. Likewise, she is not one to pull punches on any provider and is transparent about the costs any of us should be incurring and the revenue we can expect. May 2018
Kimberly Riffe, Mid Missouri
Ondine, you are awesome - the passion for what you are doing is awesome. You have a wealth of knowledge, thanks for sharing it with us all.
Rick Thornburg, Eli Lilly FCU
Exceeded expectations. Exactly what I needed. Very valuable information. All about ROI and driving business. Look forward to working with you in the future.
CEO, $130 Million Credit Union
Thank you Ondine. You are such an upfront and honest person- if it was not for you we probably would have lost our Visa program. With your expertise we were able to cut Costs and at the same time increase our Visa portfolio. Once again, THANK YOU!
SVP Marketing, $1.7 Billion Credit Union
Excellent feedback! That’s some kick-ass advice!
CEO, $75 Million Credit Union
I recently gave some of your cards to my NCUA examiners. They were impressed with the way I had changed the portfolio with credit cards and I gave all the credit to you.
Bill Canhart,

Oswego City FCU

An outstanding value that will save the credit union thousands of dollars going forward. Love the passion you have towards your topics.

Christina Caldera,

Suntide CU

Ondine, you were amazing and very clear on what you were speaking about. You have answered a lot of our questions!

Jamie Conrad

Very informative. Good job with educating the credit unions.

Cindy Parrish,


Very eye opening. I appreciate your honesty and ability to call it as it is. Thanks!


$950 Million Credit Union

I have kept your card on my desk and decided to drop you a short note to say thanks for the excellent job you did in the break out session (America’s CU Conference). I really appreciated you sharing and I took copious notes and share them with our plastic folks as soon as I returned to the office. We have made changes and a result have saved some money. Keep up the great work!


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