Our Vision

GoCUCards is committed to solely to the credit union community and it’s members. Our goal is to continue to make credit card programs fair for all credit unions members- by educating credit unions in the proper management of income and expense of the credit card program.

When a credit union operates a well-managed card program, there is no need to pass additional fees and higher rates to members. Ultimately, when GoCUCards.com saves your credit union money, those savings will passed along to your members in terms of the rate and fee structures of your credit card program.

We call a spade a spade- and do not suffer fools lightly. Not much gets past us. We work in a very transparent, open, honest and straightforward environment.

GoCUCards.com is not out to gouge credit unions or assess exorbitant fees. It is not our goal to make massive profits- but to make an honest living. We don’t aim to drive around in fancy cars, don fancy gold jewels or live a lavish lifestyle- but continue to do what we love for the benefit of the credit union community we serve. Although Ondine does appreciate a fun trip to Vegas or Hawaii once in a while!


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